300 Shields

300 Shields

Slot machine test: 300 shields

There are numbers, which immediately creates images in the mind. The number 300 is definitely much, but on many he should sense after Greek warriors, which were also some time ago on the big screen. And which are actually slot machine 300 shields of the great battle of the 300 Spartans against the Persians, which with an overpowering men have moved on. Exact dates are not known and so movies and other media take certain liberties in the drafting, but that should not bother in the slot. Here, there are chances of winning can be be seen in any case for you. The game is a product from the House of Quickfire and not only convinces with its graphical niceties.

So you you can throw into the fray, you need actually not more than only the login in the slots casino. Some available there, including the CasinoEuro. But even without registration, it is possible to 300 shields play for free. In this way, you can safely take a first look at the game and then alone that decide to play with real money.

Play 300 Shields online now!

300 shields play online

Temporarily the Spartans were able to win the battle. The reason for this was that the soldiers knew in row and link. You have to expect the same from the symbols on the reels of 300 shields. Because only if multiple is a symbol and it emits a clean set of at least three fields, there will be profit for you. That a profit always far left begins and is not interrupted by other symbols, with the exception of the wild, is important in this context. Theoretically can strike several line winnings in a round.

As well as on the field of battle, there are great WINS only if the risk is. In the Casino, it means that only a high usage can lead to really win. The reason is that your line bet with a factor resulting from icon and row length is multiplied. The factor can be still so high, there is only a maximum amount which it is possible to win at a low usage. The advantage is 300 shields, but that you can adjust line and line usage in each round on the new.

Slot game symbols in the 300 shields online game

In terms of symbols you get to here of course the massed power of the antique feel. And, the symbols are also, what is also their function. The numbers and letters that you may know from the most slots make the start. After all, in a suitable font and also in the amount of valuable for you. The different weapons have there been clearer values for your account. It continues then with the ship and the archers. Important also the Warrior and the shield. The Warrior is the game to replace other symbols. The shield is a scatter symbol and leads you in the happiness free spins.

Slot machines instructions by 300 shields

Conveniently, you need no Spartan training to overthrow you in this pleasure. The visit in the slot casino is it enough and it can go around. Either test in the free mode or real money, but then you should exercise only right the payline and your usage to be able to adjust. If you want to ask you about the symbols of 300 shields again, then you can click information for.

Conclusion to the 300 shields test

Surely this is slot game 300 shields not the first slot machine, which plays in the ancient world. But usually it goes to the other members to the gods. A special place of in history was selected here however, that has nothing to do exceptionally well with mythology. That looks great and plays are also not bad. With the wild and the scatter 300 shields is well equipped to get you one way or another victory.

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